Black and White interracial gay porn


Blain Tutera & Noah Shyboy Jackson

Noah runnin across Blain somewhere in Miami and Noah invites him over to his hotel room. In no time Noah's dick is out and Blain gets all over that with his juicy lips. He is going down on it hard, swallowing every lil inch of it until it's ready for his ass. Once Noah is in there he ain't stopping, banging that white boy til he's gotta bust that nut! These two put on quite the show just goin at it non stop with Blain swallowing all that juice!

Adam Price & Nyja Davinci

Nyja was feelin horny as fuck and browsing through pictures of guys who give massages. When he comes across Adam he knows this is the guy he wants. He hits him up and Adam comes over and gets to business. Once he sees Nyja's big hard black dick he can't help but feel it. Adam leans down and starts sucking on it then sits down on Nyja's face to have his tight ass eaten out. Nyja starts to fuck him every which way and even takes some time to work on his toes. Adam is loving that shit and he has to bite his hand to keep from moaning too loud. Adam busts a huge nut while they make out then Nyja unloads all over his face.

Jesse Rabbit & Micah Andrews

Jesse Rabbit and Micah Andrews pulling a late night session stocking boxes in tha porno shoppe looking for some box of dvds when the two realize ain't noone else around, so they get horny as fuck and Jesse pulls out his fat dick and slaps Micah in the face wit it, making that boy suck on it real good. He then bends him over the merchandise and attacks that ass viciously with his monster dick like a knife cuts through butter. Micah busts one hell of a nut while riding Jesse's dick and then he takes Jesse's right in his mouth lickin down every drop.

Jarvis Chandler & Usher Richbanks

Jarvis hangin out with Usher lettin him know it's his first time taking some big black dick. Not only that but it's his first time doin porn too. Usher knows just how to break him in properly, swirlin that tongue around Jarvis' real tight fuck hole. Takes him a while to get it to open up for his big black dick, but once he's in he ain't lettin go of it. It's a lotta dick to handle but Jarvis is up for the job gettin all broken in by Usher. By the end of it that ass is wide open takin all Usher got to give!

DeAngelo Jackson & Gustavo Ryder

DeAngelo Jackson returns while spending some time down in Rio de Janeiro with a hot Brazilian named Gustavo. DeAngelo doesn't speak any Portugese but he gives Gustavo the eye and figures out a way to get him back to his apartment. They start to make out then Gustavo gets on his knees and starts to suck off DeAngelo. DeAngelo gives him a good rough fucking. You don't want to miss it!

Johnathan Riverra & Troy Newton

Johnathan Riverra thinks he can do more push-ups than Troy Newton so they challenge each other to see who can. Troy keeps up and Johnathan sees if he can out do him with sit-ups. When Troy is doing his set, Johnathan leans down and pulls out Troys big dick from his jockstrap and puts it in his mouth. Troy isn't going to say no to that so he lets Johnathan deepthroat it. Troy puts Johnathan on the bed and eats out his ass, tasting his tight pink hole and getting it ready to be fucked. He works on that ass from a few different angles before pulling out to shoot his nut all over Johnathan's ass.

Gay Ebony

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