Black and White interracial gay porn


AJ King & Prince DiorX

Prince ran into AJ in Chicago and thought about his dick print as it swayed in his joggers. Luckily Prince is in the mood to suck some dick, and AJ is in the mood to get his dick sucked. Prince takes to AJ to his place for some hot fun with a new BBC.

Antonio Rashad & Kodah

Antonio meets Kodah at the bus station and rides back with him to the hotel that Antonio is staying. Kodah is only going to be in town for a day, so Antonio told him that it was cool for him to crash with him at his hotel. Kodah asked Antonio as to why he had to sleep on the couch, because he has been wanting to get down with him for a while. He was really in the need of some big black dick. Antonio tried to play it off like he didn't know what Kodah was talking about but, Kodah let Antonio know real fast that he knew what was about to go down.

Adam Price & Prince Taj Third Fuck Fest

Prince is watching tv with Adam trying to get to know him a little better. They start taking their cloths off Prince eats Adam's ass and Adam starts to suck Prince's dick.

Kristopher Delagado & Trey Donovan

Kristopher is looking for some hot anonymous action. He messed around on a couple chat sites. So he unlocks his hotel door and waits for his anonymous dick to come through. Stranger comes in the room and checks Kristopher out. He asked him if their were any hidden cameras and Kristopher told him no. That as was just itching for a good raw pounding. Lets see if he gets what he was looking for.

Cody Kyler & DeAngelo Jackson & Jules

DeAngelo and Cody chillin in Paris, taking in some culture and looking for some phat euro ass. DeAngelo picks himself up some heavily tatted frenchie who just can't resist the temptation of some all American thug dick. Back in the hotel the two join forces with Cody, who makes sure everyone gets their fair share of some wine. Jules is quick to point out that white wine always makes him horny, so fuck the wine, and fuck each other! Jules goes straight for both cocks, so hungry for that black and white cocktail. Who can blame him when you're in bed with such hot bodies! This threesome is getting hotter by the second and everyone gets their turn of a face full of dick, but Jules needs more and gets fucked by Cody first and DeAngelo next. After DeAngelo is done with destroying Jules he moves on to Cody and gives him the ride of his life til Cody busts all over himself!

Cody Kyler & Tiago Rio

Cody back in Rio to sample the fine specimen that Brazil has to offer. Already on his first day he's bringin home Tiago Rio to devour. The two suck each others dick until they're ready for some hot fuck action. Tiago is ruthless and plays that ass like a fiddle. Cody is just bouncin up and down that big papi shaft, takin in all that Brazilian goodness. Tiago then fucks Cody on his back who can't control himself any longer and busts all over himself while Tiago himself lands a big fat nut all over Cody's chest.

Gay Ebony

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