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Christian Xavier & Noah Shyboy Jackson

Noah and Christian are just chillin in bed and ready to kick things off. Nice little intimate moment of kissing and sucking on each others lips. Then Christian gets his dick out and Noah decides to go ahead and give it taste or two. Christian is really enjoying the head game that Noah is giving him. Those soft lips wrapped around his pretty dick is driving him crazy. But Noah wants something in return and Christian is going to give it to him. Once Noah gets his big curved dick in side Christian, the moaning begins and Christian is being taken for the ride of his life. Its almost as if he hasn't had a good dick down in a minute. This just gets hotter and wetter.

LA & Thall

LA makes it home from a hard day at work has really been looking forward to getting some rest, but T-Hall has something else in mind. LA walks in the bedroom and see T-Hall stretched out on the bed and they seem to be excited to see each other as LA gives T-Hall a very passionate kiss, which of course we know leads to other things. LA and T-Hall suck each other off in a 69 position but it looks like LA is ready to get it in and more ways than one.

Gilberto & Luca

These two make for one hot fucking time. They had our camera man in shock as they bounced around the room finding new places and positions to fuck. Gilberto loves to service Luca's cock as you can see in the photos how he goes down on him until he chokes. luca is one lucky man because in this pairing he gets everything he wants. Enjoy the images, but have a towel ready to clean up your keyboard because this photoshoot is hot!

Claudio & Marques

We were in Brazil when Claudio and Marques hooked up. Watch these 2 hot papi's as Marques takes control, getting sucked by Claudio and then watch as Claudio's ass gets pounded by Marques. This is one hot session that you'll want to watch over and over.

Anthony Avery & Usher Richbanks

Mr Anthony Avery stayin in some posh hotel but his damn tv is busted so he calls for Usher to fix that shit pronto. Turns out Anthony just couldn't find the porn channels, so Usher let's him know they don't have that shit in this fly ass place. But if he wants action Usher can give it to him! Anthony is extra excited at this proposition lookin to suck that dark meat and gettin fucked hard all day long. Usher ain't going easy on that foo, fuckin Anthony hard and fast. He can barely take all that dick, but makes it through it and begins lovin it soon enough! After that ass gets completely destroyed Usher pulls out and lands a whole bucket worth of cum on his face!

Kentrell Kash

This tall and sexy dude is not lacking in the meat department. Kentrell Kash comes from St. Louis and if you can recall, that seems to be where all the country dick comes from. Kentrell comes on doing his very first nude solo photoshoot and plays with that big black dick for us.

Gay Ebony

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