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Hotrod & Papi Caliente

Hotrod and Papi Caliente just checked into their vacation hotel. They are too damn tired to go out from all that travelling, but luckily for us they ain't too tired to be fuckin and doing it like lovers should be doing it. Doing it mafuckin RAW, cuz that's the name of the game over here. Hotrod's huge dick just slips right in and outta that delicious Latin flavored fuck hole. Papi sure as hell loves riding that shit and suckin down a good nut.

Cayden Cooper & Ken Mariano

Cayden and Ken just kinda bumpin into each other and quickly exchangin digits. Cayden definitely down like that, so he rings up Ken later and drops by his joint to get his ass rammed by some gorgeous big phat black dick. Cayden is lovin that pipe, making love to it like there ain't no other. Ken can keep on giving, that long thick meat relentlessly pounding away at Cayden and culminating in a fat nut to Cayden's face!

Jay Jordan & Jordan

Jordan inviting Jay over to his joint sayin there gon be some chicks, but he just playin and he really lookin for dick. Jay is done with it and let's Jordan get on his knees to suck his dick and then ride him good. Jordan definitely feelin that pinga, he just loves sittin on that and bustin fat nuts everywhere!

Cody Kyler & Wellington

Cody Kyler chatting up buff as hell Wellington on one of Rio's gorgeous beaches. Cody drags Wellington back to his apartment and the action starts right away. Cody works that dick real good with his pretty face, and Wellington eats that ass for to get Cody all hot and bothered. Before you know it Wellington jumps on Cody's dick and the party really gets started. Cody tears that ass up real good and nuts all over Wellington!

Billy Baxter & Hotrod

Hotrod callin himself a massage, but this one is rather... uninhibited. Billy asks Hotrod to get naked, but also throws off is own clothes. After a minute of "messaging" the two start suckin on each other dicks instead. Hotrod takes control and stuffs his fat black dick right into Billy's ass, hittin it real good. Pumpin away at it til it's Billy's turn to fuck Hotrod. Billy gives that hole a hell of a workout makin Hotrod scream in ecstasy!

Angel Pierre & Soldier

Soldier and Angel runnin into each other on tha streets of Miami. Fine ass brothas aint seen each other since college, so they figure it's most prudent to hang out for a minute, have a drink or something... a drink of mafuckin cum of course. Angel wants that dick and Soldier gon give it to him hard and raw. Soldier aint stoppin for nothin, just fuckin non stop and gettin Angel all excited when Soldier cums all over those delicious cakes!

Gay Ebony

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