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Adam Price & Prince Taj 2

Adam runs into Taj on the street after moving into the neighborhood. They start shooting the shit and Adam mentions that he has a new bed that hasn't been broken in yet. They head back to his place to check out his crib and Adam starts to undo Taj's jeans. He starts sucking on Taj's fat dick and turns over to show off his pink hole. Taj spreads his cheeks and buries his tongue in Adam's tight ass and before long Adam is backing it up on Taj's cock. Adam gets dicked down deep and you can tell by his moaning that he's very happy he invited Taj over to break his bed in.

Flamez & Sincere Lee

Flamez and Sincere Lee finish up some construction work and decide to head back their room to relax and have a couple drinks. Flamez gets that liquor in his system and gets him feel freaky. Sincere is all good for the get down. He has been wanting to fuck around with his co-worker for sometime now. They get undressed and Sincere goes right for the dick. He loves how that latin dick taste in his mouth. He flips around so he can feel Flamez tongue in his pretty pink ass hole. After some good oral action, Sincere is ready for the dick. The way he takes that big dick jus makes Flamez dig deeper and deeper.

DeAngelo Jackson & Lil Niz

DeAngelo Jackson and Lil Niz staring intently at each other in the heat of the moment. DeAngelo is ready to get his dick wet in some white boy pussy and Lil Niz is eager to get himself a piece of that sexy ass mafucka. DeAngelo is excellent shape as usual and his dick is big and mean. Lil Niz can't wait to suck it and get his ass all torn apart by it. DeAngelo just loves fuckin him doggy style and Niz can take it all. He begs DeAngelo to fuck his ass good and make him cum all over the place!

Kayden Daniels & Vito Vega

Kayden and Vito are caught in one passionate make out session, but that ain't the only thing these two have in mind. They hit the bed in no time and strip off all their clothes, Kayden just can't wait to get his lips on that dick. He sucks that piece til it's hard and ready to fuck his mouth for a minute. Vito then goes right for Kayden's ass slammin his mega fuck pipe right into him til Kayden just can't take it anymore and busts a fat nut all over himself!

Breion Diamond & Cayden Cooper

Tha Diamond Kid is bored as fuck just chillin cruisin for sex on his phone when he comes across Cayden Cooper's profile, so hits that up cuz Breion has been developin a taste for white meat recently. Cayden is fly and sexy as hell and wants some of that big dick action. He comes over to Breion's crib right away and gets his clothes off so Breion can munch away at that ass. He's got a big dick and knows he gon have to work that hole a little before Cayden is comfy stuffing himself with all those inches. Cayden needs a minute to get used to that dick, but after fuckin himself with a couple fingers he's ready for action. Breion ain't showin no mercy and fucks Cayden hard til he pulls out and comes all over Cayden's ass!

Manny Baby & Micah Andrews

Manny Baby chillin outside tha licka sto when Micah be bitchin about doing laundry or whatever and how motherfuckin hot it is down herr in Miami. So they head back to the air conditioned crib, but Manny Baby wants to keep the hotness goin, so he pulls down Micah's pants and gets to suckin that dick. Soon after he sticks his tongue deep into Micah's fuck hole, and then for good measure pounds that face before impaling Micah on his big chocolate dick. He fucks that ass good until its Micah's turn to do some of that too and then they flip again til Micah busts all over himself!

Gay Ebony

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