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Kellar Nite & Timarrie Baker & Syncere Whyte

Kellar Nite + Timarrie Baker & Syncere Whyte went out for drinks one night and decided they wanted to have a lil fun. They went & got a room for a couple hours and this is the freak shit they produced. From drinks to sex. Don't you wish you could have went out for drinks with them!

Jake Connors & Messiah Blaine

Jake & Messiah met on a flight and instantly had chemistry. They decided to get a room at the nearest hotel. Jake wanted to show Messiah a piece of his freaky side by wrapping his dick in candy while he sucked it. After Oral play these two get freaky. It goes to show you, you never know where you might find your next hook up!

AJ King & Prince DiorX - Blindfolded Dorm

AJ King & Prince DiorX were bored in the dorm one day and decided they wanted to play dress up and do a lil skit. Prince wanted to be the damsel in distress while AJ was the robber. Aj Played his part to a tee and robbed Prince of his tight lil hole. Of course this damsel loved every minute of it!!!!!!

Kellar Nite & Trinidad Papi

Both Kellar & Trinidad had been on South Beach for Memorial Day. They were with their two perspective groups when they kinda scoped each other out. On the low they were able to discuss hooking up & exchanged digits. Later that evening they hooked up at Trinidad's room. From the looks of things they both really wanted to FUCK!!!

Devondre Potiphar & Prince DiorX

Prince DiorX was in dire need of some black dick so he went searching and found Devondre Potiphar. Prince was so happy that he begins sucking that dick until he gets it rock hard. Then Devondre begins to eat that ass getting it nice and wet. Prince Climbs on top soon after and rides that bbc like never before. They fuck in different positions until Devondre bust his load in Prince's tight pink hole. Prince got just what he wanted!

Cody Kyler & Malo

Cody Kyler, the cutest of all twinks, is hosting a live fuck show with his buddy Malo. He's got Malo by the balls, doing his every bidding making him suck his dick until he's ready to fuck Malo's ass all night long. Malo is just bouncin off that dick like crazy really working it hard to make Cody nut. Cody is just dominating Malo non stop, but eventually he's gonna have to bust, ain't no chance resisting a nice piece of ass like that and when he comes Malo slurps that shit right up and ends it all with a sloppy wet cum make out session!

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