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Cody Kyler & Luis Capri

Cody droppin by Rio De Janeiro for a minute. Gorgeous city and gorgeous men everywhere, so it's no surprise that Cody is gonna fuck all day and night! Luis Capri is hot as fuck and he and Cody spent the sunset at the beach. The view is amazing, but then it's time to get back to the apartment and take those pants off. Cody works Luis' dick real good and he's ready to absolutely destroy Cody's ass with that big papi cock. This fuck holiday is truly something fantastic!

Abdel & Elmo Jackson

Elmo pickin him up some lova boi fresh off the streets of Paris. Yo it ain't the hood, but Gs need a lil vacation time too every once in a while. Soak up some culture and of course get laid like a motherfuckin thug. Dats how Elmo does it. Abdel seems a lil slow, but must be cuz he ain't speaking no english, but the language of lovin is universal and the two git down in no time. Abdel destroys that ass pretty good wit his french prick making Elmo eat that nut for desert. Real hot Paris lovin up in dis!

Jarvis Chandler & Ken Mariano

Jarvis is on the run and winds up bustin into Ken's apartment to hide. Ken is a little weirded out by some stranger comin into his place but he lets Jarvis stay cause he thinks he's cute. You gotta give a little to get tho and Jarvis understands. He gets Ken's dick in his mouth and watches that big black dick grow. Ken slaps his face with it and has Jarvis lick on his full nuts then bends Jarvis over to tongue his tight pink hole before opening it up with that slab of meat. They finish up by cumming all over each others chests and Jarvis smiles saying he definitely picked the right house to hide in!

Dominic Diaz & Luis Green

Luis and Dominic are hanging out in their hotel room and horny as fuck. Luis gets right to business and starts sucking on Dominic's uncut cock. He swirls his tongue all over that dick and Dominic gets his hands on Luis' head and pushes it up and down on it. It's only a matter of time before Dominic has Luis on his stomach and climbing on top. Dominic gives Luis a real good deep fuck from behind, and Luis sits on it to give it a ride. Dominic finishes by pulling out of Luis' tight ass and busting his nut all over Luis.

Jesse Rabbit & Vito Vega

Jesse Rabbit and Vito Vega hanging out. Vito just came over to get his fuck on, he really been craving some fuckin ass and Jesse can supply fuckin boatloads of ass. I mean that ass is like damn son, you just wanna fuck that ass cuz look at that fuckin ass. You just know your dick gon feel so good in that ass. It's assilicious even! And so Vito rams his fuckin dick in that bitch giving Jesse's ass a proper fuckin workout, just fuckin away at that fuckin ass fuckin him real deep and fuckin proper. Jesse loves that fuckin so much he busts the biggest fuckin nut all over himself while Vito keeps on fuckin that ass!

Breion Diamond & Jack Michaels

Jack just gettin into town and his homie Breion is supposed to pick him up, but Breion of course runs late and makes some shit up about the airport being confusing or whatever. But it's all good, the two find each other and Breion makes it worth his while. He got a big black dick that needs servicing and Jack knows wassup when it comes to worshiping the cock. Breion busts that ass wide open with his tongue and then rams his monster piece right in there fucking Jack long and hard. He makes that boy scream for sure and plants a big cum cocktail all over his pretty face!

Gay Ebony

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